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Industrial Products
  • New Industrial Parts and Machines

  • Consumables

  • Used industrial equipment

  • Turnkey solutions for large projects (e.g. assembly of refining plants)
The Industrial Products component of the business was set up because of the various queries Amyl received in the course of conducting its business with the Petrochemical industry. We recognized and capitalized on the opportunity to provide Industrial Parts and Consumables to the industry, and expanded on the strength of our well-established relationships in the community.

Amylís entry into the Industrial Products arena has been a successful and profitable venture. This component of the business complements the Chemicals supply and distribution business. It is obvious that there are synergies in transportation, distribution, sales, and networks all to the same industries.

The companyís philosophy towards this business leans towards fulfilling all the needs for our customer. If a client wants a spare part, big or small, electrical or mechanical, we at Amyl will provide it. Amyl has sole supplier arrangements set up with various manufacturers of industrial equipment, both at home and overseas. A list of the various parts and consumables that we supply to the manufacturing/refining industry is available on request.

  Complements the Chemical business unit - strong synergies in sales and distribution

One stop shop for a manufacturing entity.

Wide range of products supplied - from New and used industrial parts and machines, to consumables

Turnkey Solutions for large projects - includes logistics, on & off site training, and after sales support

  • Measurement and Testing Equipment
    • Flow Meters:
      • Orifice Plates
      • Venturi Tubes
      • Flow Nozzles
      • Meter Tubes
    • Flow Meter Accessories:
      • Straightening Vanes
      • Traps & Condensate Chambers
      • Seal Pots
    • Turbine Meters
  • T-Joints For Pipelines
  • Flanges - all types
  • Heavy Industrial Parts
    • Plant Equipment
    • Used Plants & Machinery
  • Valves
    • Alloy; Ball; Check; Gate; Forged
  • Industrial Consumables
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Measurement and Testing Equipment
  • Marine Products:
    • Buoys
    • Draglines
    • Mooring Hooks
  • Soaps and Surfactants for Industrial Cleaning - For On-Shore and Off-Shore Rigs
  • Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors
  • Microbicides
  • Organic Dispersants
  • Defoamers
    • Silicone; Non-Silicone; Water Soluble
For specific inquiries please call (713) - 780 2695; and Fax (713) - 780 2696

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