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Destara chemicals Inc. Plant(Waller)

Recycling Plant Waller TX (Joint Venture) Capabilities:

Distillation Tower
Distillation Tower
  • 5000 gal kettle 316 stainless steel unit with coils feeded with stream
  • Stainless steel rings packed column
  • Theoretical about 12 plates
  • Receiver 4000 gal
  • Phase separator
  • Reflux
  • Atmospheric
  • Vacuum
  • Steam injection
  • Possibility batch reaction

Bulk Storage
Storge Total bulk storage capacity 140000 gal.
  • 2 12000 gal storage tanks 3/6 stainless steel with agitator for blending purposes.
  • 2 17000 gal stainless steel 36 storage tanks with heating and cooling possibilities
  • One 17000 gal storage tank carbon steel
  • One 10000 gal storage tank carbon steel
  • 10 5300 gal storage tanks 316 stainless steel with heating capability.
Storge Safety
Compliance with EPA OSHA, etc.
On the tanks are high level alarms to prevent any overflows. The vapors are vented to our flare in the back on our property.
To provide for spills or catastrophic failure the tanks are equipped with a secondary containment consist of an eight inch thick reinforced concrete slab with app. 3 ft high and our 8-inch wide perimeter concrete containment wall on a HDPE liner and slab of concrete. The containment area is coated with a non-shrinking towel grade, solvent less polyamine surfaces.

Drum Storage
Drums Drums are stored on wooded pallets to minimize the potential of spilled liquids or accumulated rain water contacting the drum. Adequate aisle spacing and access ramp clearance is provided with regular inspection. Adequate secondary containment capacity in the event of container rupture. Destara Chemicals provides drumming faility from bulk shipments.
  • pilot installation for test runs
  • gaschromatograph: composition and purity
  • colormeter
  • pH-meter
  • Karlfisher: water
  • Density

Warehousing Facility on Plant

  • Customised blending of chemicals
  • Conversion from solid to solution
  • Accuracy, Timeliness & Quality controls

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