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The nature of the chemical industry is such that quality is the driving force for long term success. The viability of a company depends on its ability to consistently provide products of high quality.

We at Amyl have adopted the best practices of the industry, concerning quality, and implement these practices through various quality programs. Amyl ensures that the staff is well trained and is aware of the latest developments. This is a continuous process whereby we evaluate and re-evaluate our practices and ensure that we go well beyond satisfying our customers minimum requirements. Amyl is a hundred percent EPA compliant, and operates on the basis of "beyond compliance".

Amyl has a very strong service orientation, whereby we work with our customers to satisfy those requirements that are unique to every business. This solid philosophy of providing quality and service at the customerís terms has been, among other things, fundamental for building long term relationships and Amylís success in the industry.

Product Quality:

Quality is the driving force in the industry

EPA compliant

Adopted Best Practices of the industry

Implementation through training and quality programs

Continuous evaluation of the standards

Strong service orientation, customized service

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